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Eating Disorder Treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada

Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Eating Disorders understands the complexities of eating disorders. We provide quality, compassionate care for our clients so they can successfully transform their lives. A healthier future is possible.  Start your eating disorder treatment today in our beautiful facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Virtue Recovery

We provide clients with the necessary tools and coping skills to understand the root cause of their eating disorder. We assist each person in restoring their relationship with themselves and improving their self-image. 



Each person’s transformation journey is unique, which is why we offer various treatment options including inpatient and residential programs. We created our men’s and veterans programs to treat these populations’ needs.  


Treatment Programs

Our veterans program helps our nation’s heroes heal from disordered eating. 

We Treat

Our Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Eating Disorders treatment programs heal the disconnect between the mind and body by fostering understanding and reducing shame. We treat all eating disorders, including bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating.

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Bulimia Nervosa

People with bulimia nervosa (BN) binge and induce unhealthy methods to prevent weight gain.
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Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa (AN) is when individuals restrict their food intake in an unhealthy manner.
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Binge Eating

Binge eating disorder (BED) is characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eating.

Why Choose

Virtue Recovery

Virtue Recovery Las Vegas Eating Disorders’ treatment methods support clients of all shapes and sizes through our compassionate, inclusive approach. We help people transform into their healthiest versions of themselves, inside and out.  

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We are here to help you heal the root cause of your disordered eating, whether it’s trauma, societal influences, genetic predispositions, or family dynamics. Get started on your transformation journey today.  

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