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Veterans Treatment

woman in a veterans eating disorder treatment talking with a therapistHigh stress, trauma, and feelings of isolation are common among veterans returning from service. Unfortunately, these experiences may lead to the development of eating disorders. Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Eating Disorders offers a specialized veterans treatment program specifically designed to provide support for veterans struggling with eating disorders. While not every veteran has been through traumatic experiences, we still take a trauma-informed approach to all we do. This helps us provide a safe, supportive environment so the clients in our care can focus on repairing their relationship with food and their bodies.

Our treatment programs are tailored to the individual and feature evidence-based therapies that can help veterans process past experiences, address underlying issues, and make meaningful changes. Lasting recovery and a healthier mind-body connection are possible, and we are dedicated to helping veterans find balance and peace.

Call Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Eating Disorders today at 866.984.3819 or reach out online to verify your insurance and begin your journey to recovery. 

Eating Disorders and Veterans

Veterans often face unique challenges that can lead to eating disorders, such as combat-related trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), military sexual trauma, and difficult transitions home. The focus on physical fitness can also be a trigger for some. These factors can be compounded with factors like family dynamics and even a genetic predisposition towards an eating disorder, making them difficult to address alone.

Eating disorders don’t only impact women. Men also develop eating disorders, yet their stories often don’t get the attention they deserve. Veterans of any gender identity can struggle with an eating disorder, and eating disorder treatment for veterans is designed to provide the specialized help that is needed.

Our Veterans Eating Disorder Treatment Program

The veterans treatment program at Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Eating Disorders is focused on providing comprehensive care for veterans. Through residential care that is tailored to the individual, we provide a safe space for veterans to get the help they need for eating disorders.

Some of the therapies and services we incorporate into veterans eating disorder treatment include:

  • Nutrition education and counseling – Our expert nutritionists work with clients to develop an eating plan that is both healthful and sustainable. We believe that “all foods fit,” and honoring your body’s wants and needs is key to lasting recovery.
  • Individual and group counseling – Participating in therapy is a way to develop healthy coping skills, come up with a plan to address challenges, and build a strong support system.
  • Family therapy – Eating disorders can take a toll on the whole family, so we welcome and encourage families to participate in treatment.
  • Experiential learning – These experiences help clients practice skills they can use in real-world situations with the support of our team.
  • Holistic therapies – Yoga, equine therapy, and art therapy can all be incorporated into a treatment plan to help veterans reconnect with their bodies and minds.

Building a foundation of coping skills and self-care is important in helping veterans find lasting recovery. Change takes time, but our team will celebrate every win and support our clients every step of the way.

Reach Out to Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Eating Disorders for Veterans Treatment

Virtue Recovery Las Vegas – Eating Disorders is here for veterans who are ready to take the next step. There can be many barriers to accessing care, and we’re here to make effective, trauma-informed, and evidence-based treatment as accessible as possible.

Our veterans eating disorder facility is dedicated to helping veterans find their strength and create a life of balance. Reach out to our team at 866.984.3819 or connect with us online to begin your journey to recovery. 

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